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Nutritional recovery for Alcoholism that will anchor your Sobriety for life!

Sobriety & Sustenance

Sobriety & Sustenance is a holistic 12 week meal plan program where you learn which nutrients, foods and practices keep alcoholism in remissions, which foods can compromise your sobriety and how you can easily incorporate these benefits into your meals. Complete with a 12 week meal plan that really is simple and won't break the bank! Whether you chose to say no to alcohol cold turkey, attend group meetings, one-on-one counselling, or employ medications to combat your disease, my nutritional program will give you the added advantage that will take your sobriety to the next level of solidarity so you can fulfill your life's dreams. Excited to get started! Want more information? Simply send me an email and I will send you my Top 12 AUD Nutritional Recovery Tips for lasting recovery FREE and you can get started on the nutritional plan that will allow you to truly live an alcohol-free life joyfully!

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